Thursday, April 02, 2009

If you thought Bush was Bad....

...holding hands with Muslim slave-owning SOBs, currying favor to get cheap oil from the same ruthless totalitarians who engineered 911 and the never-ending war against the Jews of Israel, and who were behind so many other terror incidents over the last 100 years...

Then you will love this one...
Time to buy your Prayer Rug and Burka, by a "Mecca-compass" and throw out your razors, it seems .... assuming you want to "get with the program"...  me not.... will go down fighting, if necessary.   Better to live wild with the wolves.

Of course, that Saudi slaver/raper is considered to be a descendant from "Big Mo", so all underlings must bow and scrape, and kiss foot.  He's a "superior being" didn't you know!

Can you imagine BHO doing this to any White Man King of Anything?  No way.  But a nice fat Muslim autocrat, who probably has black women slaves in his harem, taken by force with their families machine-gunned in a pit, that is A-OK!

Was this reported in the MSM?


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