Friday, May 08, 2009

An Alarming Video - Muslim Genocide Speech.... With a Psychotic Smile and Cheering Mob.

For years I have stated that Islam is no "religion", but rather is a totalitarian ideology bent upon world domination.  Add to that, Islam is bent upon genocide to achieve world domination.  Anyone who has studied Islamic behavior and history, and who is not themselves prone to mystical thinking and the kind of anti-sex hatred typical within Islamic ideology will know this, whether they openly admit it or not.  It is but a short and small extension of the violence visited by Islamic nations upon the women in their own borders, who are basically chattel slaves by any measure.   And most Muslims also know this, but remain silent because of abject fear to become a victim of the fanatics within their neighborhood themselves, or because they are practicing Taqqiya -- the Koran-permitted practice of lying to the hated infidel, until such time as you can gain advantage over them. 

See this video, for what Islamic hate preachers have in mind for the USA, for Israel, and while not stated, for every other non-Islamic part of the world.  Don't believe me.  See for yourself.  Make up your own mind.  But don't make up your mind in ignorance, of what such hate-preachers are saying, and how the audience applauds it.  If you saw the video "Obsession" -- with the Muslim preacher smacking a sword upon his pulpit, calling for the death of Jews, while the crowd of men in the mosque went wild with screaming and fist-shaking psychotic smiles -- this one is even more dramatic, but in a cold manner.  The banality of evil, at its worst.     J.D.

An Alarming video every Westerner should see

After seeing this video, ask yourself what THIS is about:

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