Friday, May 01, 2009

The Muslim Demographic Take-Over

I highly recommend the YouTube video linked below.

It is produced by a Christian group, which puts their message at the end.  But the statistical information contained in it is accurate enough.  You can consult these websites for the same info from secular sources.

Notice how much of Europe and the free-democratic societies have very low or even negative population growth rates, while the Muslim world and parts of Africa currently have the highest growth rates -- and the lowest status of women is found in exactly those same nations, resulting in a forbiddance of life-decisions, including access to education and contraception.  This explosion of population is created by horrible sex-negative conditions, where women are basically slaves, often in polygamous harem-households, with no rights to work, travel, property, much less rights to their own marriage choices or bodies.  When such families come into the West, they do not change in deference to their new neighbors, and mostly form into self-imposed Islamic ghettoes, where everything is organized and ruled out of the nearby mosques.  Unlike prior waves of immigrants into the West, the new Islamic migrations avoiding assimilation or cultural diffusion-dilution and mixing with the new group, as was the case in nearly all other massive cultural migrations.  The reasons for this are myriad, mostly in how the mosques and mullahs are transported along with populations of Muslim immigrants... but the bottom line is, it becomes a transference of Saharasian extremely-armored and high-patrist culture from the core regions of the Islamic world straight into the more free and democratic regions, who are expected to change and devalue themselves and their own rights and freedoms, in deference to Islamic demands for accommodation and superior status.   We begin to see how the American Indian felt with the arrival of the colonial Europeans, except the Europeans were a mix of culture-types, some freedom-seeking and treating the Indians with respect, sometimes even emulating their ways, while others were petty little fascist Bible-thumpers, out to crush Native American culture.  That more typically reflects the current Islamic migratory wave, except they are thumping the far more clearly violence-promoting Koran.

As before, if you want an overview of this process as it happened in prior centuries, and what it meant for the world, and what the current Muslim demographic explosion will mean for you and your children and grand-children, review my work "Saharasia", which already has documented how the Islamic world is the most violent culture-type on our troubled planet:


Muslim Demographics:  What you should know

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