Thursday, May 07, 2009

Orgonite chembuster nutters arrested in Africa...

From what I can figure, they were pouring "orgonite" merde-lumps into the turbines of one of Africa's largest dams....  not too bright.
One could feel sympathy for a bunch of nut-cases, but it really is not so harmless.  Read my expose articles, here:

In addition to how they drag Reich's name and legitimate orgonomic research into a mystical swamp, and make it difficult for his important research findings to be taken seriously by the larger society, their mysticism and empty claim-making, and provocative actions, now prompt police investigations.

So we should not now be surprised to read THIS, from some correctly concerned and alarmed African citizens, who haven't any idea of what's going on, but who only get their information from the "skeptic groups":

Mozambique: Saboteurs Or New Age Fanatics?
Maputo - The four people accused by the Mozambican police of using a supposedly "highly corrosive substance" in an attempt to sabotage the Cahora Bassa dam are in fact members of a lunatic fringe group called "Orgonise Africa".
The four have now been named as Georg Ritschi (a German architect), Carlos Silva (a Portuguese hotelier), Tino Phutheso (a Botsanan aircraft pilot), and Joseph Ngusato (a South African self-styled "prophet").
There was nothing clandestine about this group's visit to the Cahora Bassa lake. They advertised it on their Internet websites, where they called the journey "Operation Paradise".
"Want to come on our next Zambezi expedition, April 2009?", asked Georg Ritschi on an "Orgonise Africa" blog. "Our next big expedition will be the continuation of our last great water gifting effort on the lower Zambezi", said Ritschi.
What can they possibly be talking about? Orgonise? Gifting?
It turns out that Orgonise Africa is a band of dedicated followers of the Austrian psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich, who died in an American jail in 1956. Reich did some valuable work on human sexuality in the early part of his career, but in his later years switched his political allegiance from left to right, and showed signs of mental illness and paranoia.
He claimed that he had discovered a universal form of energy which he called orgone. This energy - undetected by science both then and in the 52 years since Reich's death - was responsible for everything from the weather to gravity and the formation of galaxies. Reich built machines called orgone accumulators which were supposed to concentrate orgone energy. This would be a good thing since, according to Reich, illness and diseases are caused by insufficient orgone.
The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) correctly described the orgone accumulators as fraudulent, banned their sale and outlawed all "orgone therapy". Which was why, after he defied the injunction obtained by the FDA, Reich ended up in jail.
Reich's sexual libertarianism, his heterodox scientific and medical theories, and his apparent persecution by US government agencies turned him into something of a father figure for the 1960s "counter-culture", and for subsequent "New Age" cults. One of these, headed by a couple called Don and Carol Croft, spawned Orgonise Africa.
The theory espoused by this group is that everything wrong with the planet is due to a lack of orgone. To set matters right, the dedicated followers of Wilhelm Reich, engage in "orgone gifting". This involves dumping "gifts" of a substance called orgonite into the place - in this case, Cahora Bassa lake - that is to be cured of its orgone deficiency.

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