Friday, May 01, 2009

Popular Chemtrail Spray-Plane Photo a Hoax

I keep getting people writing to me, wagging fingers under my nose saying I should be more open-minded about "chemtrails".   My critical article on the subject apparently gets under their skin:
So far, there's nothing in my article requiring retraction or change, but I salute the chemtrail cadets for making the effort at bolstering their theory, even if none of it pans out.

Most recently I was sent the following photo-image, showing an attachment to the end of a large air-refueling tanker, designed to spray stuff into the atmosphere.  Here's the photo:

This same photo appears on most all the "chemtrail" websites.

That sure looks like something that would be used to spray stuff into the atmosphere.  Assuming the photo was/is authentic, this does not automatically support the chemtrail conspiracy theory, as it could be used for more innocent purposes.  In fact, that appears to be the case.  I dug around a bit on internet, and found a website or two devoted to military air-refueling, and another run by retired USAF air-tanker pilots, the guys who flew and operated those aircraft.  For example:

I emailed one of the retired tanker pilots identified at their chat-room, and sent him a copy of the above photo, asked if he knew what that was.  He responded quickly.  It is a specialized nozzle placed on the refueling boom of the KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft.  The KC-135 typically is used to refuel other aircraft, for long-distance air-to-air missions.  But there are versions of it configured to use with water only, and with this special spray-nozzle attached.  Why water?

After taking off and climbing to high altitude, the KC-135 sprays the water from its tanks through this nozzle, whereupon it quickly turns into icy material.  Aircraft under performance testing are then flown behind the KC-135, close to that water-spray nozzle and into its discharge stream, to see how they perform, if the engines are affected by the wet icy conditions, or if the wings or windshields ice up.

Here are some photos of this special spray-boom in use:

This comes from here:

If that one is not convincing, try this one:

From here:

I've been sent other photos by the chemtrail cadets, but none was so obviously a "spray" device as is this one. Typically any kind of hollow tube extending from wings or fuselage of any large aircraft is claimed, on the chemtrail conspiracy websites, to be used for "chemtrail spraying" -- even obvious things such as the air-speed pitot tube found on nearly all large aircraft often is misreported as such.  In other cases, photos of cryogenic containers used for air transport of such things as medicines, are claimed to be "chemtrail tanks", when they can find a photo of such a tank inside an aircraft.

I don't suppose this recounting of the real purpose of that spraying fixture is going to persuade the die-hard "believer" in chemtrail conspiracy theory, as they can simply claim the old military pilots are a part of "the conspiracy" to poison their own families, or that we are all taken over by morphing space lizards (my favorite part of the theory).  But for the few who can think rationally, consider that I found these photos and websites on my own, after only about 20 minutes of internet surfing.  The same is probably true of the leaders of the "chemtrail movement" who firstly began circulating this photo.  They originally got the photo from the same internet sites I did.  Which means, they know exactly that this spray nozzle was used for ice-stress testing of aircraft.  But they conceal the facts from their cadres of sheepish group-thinkers.  EVERYTHING then becomes a part of the conspiracy.

Recall George Orwell's point, that "Lies of omission are the very worst kind of lie".  To show such a photo, but deliberately omit its real purpose is a real clever move.

Again, I would not waste my time with this nonsense, but since they routinely drag the name of Wilhelm Reich and serious terms such as Reich's orgone energy into their fairy-tale conspiracy, selling "chembuster/cloudbuster" gadgets, "holy hand grenades" and "orgonite" blobs and such which tend to degrade orgone energy research, and since they also constantly try and recruit me to their cause, it seems worthwhile to expose this new finding publicly.

Sorry guys, another cornerstone of the "chemtrail" theory bites the dust.  Suggest to lay off the pot-smoking, and consider you've been had by some clever entrepreneurs.   "Educate Yourself" is the slogan of the chemtrail cadets, so I will use it also.... "Educate Yourself" about how you are being conned.  Educate yourself by reading Wilhelm Reich's original works, and my books and the various research journals devoted to this important subject.  Get on the mailing lists of authentic orgone research establishments, and stop wasting your time and life-energy with the chemtrail fakers and claimants for shape-shifting space lizards.   I've already written on these subjects here:

If you get this email, but the photos do not reproduce, check out the websites give above, and also try the OBRL-News Blog where this same posting will appear with photos, shortly after the email version goes out.

Keep well, and don't be stampeded, neither by "chemtrails" nor by "swine flu".

James DeMeo

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