Friday, August 28, 2009

Exposing 2012 & CO2 Fraud

Two items of interest came across my desk this AM, fascinating.

1.  Here's a great website with good info on CO2/global-warming hysteria. Oops, I mean "climate change" hysteria.  Since so much of the CO2 theory has been exposed as fraud, along with the fact that the earth definitely is not "warming", they changed the terms of the hysteria to "climate change", so no matter if the temperature goes up or down, sea levels rise or fall, they got it covered!   And so they can still push the phoney "cap and trade" legislation, demand that you start using those ugly-light CFL bulbs, and eventually to have an ACORN thug come and check your thermostat every week (they already got Billion$ for that specific program!).  Anyhow, here's the weblinks to some new reports you should know about, assuming keeping a bit of your own money, and understanding how the shot-gun marriage of a power-drunk, out-of-control government with academic deceivers is of concern to you.
Climate Change - "Gore's Hometown Nashville Breaks 1877 Cold Temp Record"
Climate Change Update - We are now having the longest run of the most sunspot-free days since
around 1910.  (see the graphic, then go to the weblink for details)

Here's a few others of interest, on the basics:
Climate Change Charts - How the IPCC committed fraud and erased the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age from history... all to get more of your money, and control over your lives.
Update on "Global Warming"


2.  Acharya S. exposes the coming "end of the world" disaster for 2012.  Did you buy your UFO escape-to-Mars lottery ticket yet?  Digging your underground bunker in preparation for global destruction?  Actually, much of this hysteria is being stimulated by a phoney new "research institute" set up by Sony Pictures, to promote their new disaster movie "2012".   You got to admire their chutzpa ... but I fear to expose this will merely add to my hate-mail.  Remember Y2K?  Now, that's a bumper-sticker I would like to see.

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