Saturday, November 14, 2009

Straight talk from a plain-spoken New Yorker...

Not on CNN or BBC, or the other MSM.

Straight talk from a plain-spoken New Yorker...

Meanwhile, back at International Headquarters for Bozo the Clown... bowing to Kings and Emperors, symbols of Asian fascism, slavery and genocidal mass-murder.

Or maybe he dropped his contact lens again...  Seems to happen every time some fascist symbol comes into view.

I guess it is something reflexive, for those who never got over the habit.  More apologies forthcoming, no doubt.  Yes, the USA should not have bombed Pearl Harbor...  Nor invaded Poland.

Next on the agenda, apologies to China, where all the freedom-dissidents and social reformers are being rounded up, so nothing "embarrassing" might occur when Bozo makes his appearance.

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