Monday, May 31, 2010

"Peace" Activists with Daggers

The recent defensive struggle by the Israeli forces to prevent Hamas terror-supporters and their European fellow-travellers from breaking an Israeli blockade of Gaza has left some of the "activists" dead, some of the Israeli commandos seriously injured.  There's all sorts of photos and reports on internet now, but the ones included here are not getting much circulation. I thought it important, as it speaks volumes about how the IDF was greeted when their soldiers landed on the ships, with legitimate intent to stop them from arriving at Gaza ports.  These "activists" included large groups of Turkish brownshirts armed with knives, clubs, deadly slingshots, and possibly also handguns and rifles.  By contrast, the IDF commandos expected the usual mob of unruly but unarmed protesters, and were armed mainly with paint-ball guns, which are used for that purpose.

The Musim fanatics were singing "Intifada" and "Martyrdom" songs even before departing on the voyage:

Here's more:,7340,L-3896796,00.html

In past times, those ships would simply have a shot put across their bow, and if they did not turn back, their steerage or pilot-house would be shot away by naval guns, followed by armed boarding parties assuming the ships were not sunk.  It is serious business, as nobody knows yet what kind of cargo those ships were carrying.  We shall see.

The whole purpose of this exercise was self-righteous and deceptive propaganda to make Muslim thugs and their hard-left handlers look like "caring persons" or "peaceful war protestors", out to "save starving Palestinians" (who aren't) and to make the Israelis look bad.  The Muslim terror factions are already crowing loudly on this one point, that the deaths of their "martyrs" is as big a propaganda victory over the hated Jew, even better than if the ships had actually landed in Gaza.

And so it seems.


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