Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Evidence on the Persecution of Wilhelm Reich

I've just posted a chapter section from the new 2010 edition of the Orgone Accumulator Handbook to a special internet page, entitled "New Evidence on the Persecution of Wilhelm Reich".  While the larger Handbook is available only by private ordering for awhile, as mentioned in a prior posting, I put this section of it to internet, given persisting and unwarranted claims in the USA and abroad which cast blame for the death of Reich where it least belongs, and ignores and evades the evidence where it is most abundant. Here:

New Evidence on the Persecution of Wilhelm Reich

A downloadable PDF version is also available, here:

The article summarizes the growing evidence that Reich's major detractors were, just as Reich declared, Communist Party operatives and even members of Soviet/KGB-controlled spy rings, working clandestinely in the USA.  It also exposes efforts by the NKVD -- the early forerunner of the KGB -- to kill Reich in Oslo (but only succeeding in "disappearing" one of Reich's associates).  The European and Soviet Comintern (Communist International) inaccurately declared Reich to be one of the much-hated "Trotsky-ists", following the 1932 publication of his Mass Psychology of Fascism (which too many forget is equally critical of both Communist Red Fascism and Nazi Black Fascism).   The article exposes how the worst and most ugly smear articles attacking Reich in the 1940s and 1950s were penned by Comintern activists for publication in magazines run by KGB operatives, how the top FDA field inspector in charge of the Reich investigation was himself a probable Communist mole, who knew and worked with the same smear-article writers in Communist organizations years earlier.  The article also indicates how one of Reich's own attorneys was, unbeknownst to him, literally up to his eyeballs in Communist Party activities, with clear Soviet sympathies.

Also note, the web-based version of this article provides a PDF download link to the article by John Wilder "CSICOP, Time Magazine and Wilhelm Reich", as taken from Pulse of the Planet #5 (Heretic's Notebook).  You can also get it here:
Wilder also added a short Postscript to his article, which overall exposes the hard-left and even Stalinist backgrounds of many of the contemporary Reich-haters.

In short, the old idea that Reich was destroyed by "American right-wingers" and "Christian fanatics", "McCarthy-ites" and such, is shown to be false at its core -- though a fully fleshed-out detailing of these issues must wait for later.  The "bottom line" is, that Red Fascists (and not typically moderate conservatives, nor old-fashioned anti-socialist liberals) bear the primary responsibility for Reich's destruction, the same kind of people who continue trying to discredit Reich's research legacy and to destroy modern-day orgonomic research.  Their major social identifications are the left-oriented and mud-slinging "skeptic groups" and their socialist allies in authoritarian Big Medicine.  These are the same people today who promote "Big Brother" government in all its excesses, and who make open political alliances internationally with every other kind of Emotional Plague fascism as can be found:  Red, Black and Islamic.

Given the current unavailability of Jim Martin's excellent book, Wilhelm Reich and the Cold War -- which carries the bulk of the most conclusive evidence on the left-wing and even Comintern/KGB backgrounds of Reich's major detractors -- it seems important to get this kind of summary information out into the public.  Nearly all of Reich's 20th Century biographers were either self-identified liberals or left-wing in views, and even while admiring Reich for most of what he accomplished and wrote, as a group they tended to dismiss his assertion of a communist conspiracy with either disbelief, total silence on the subject, or outright contemptuous dismissal.  This could be excused ten years back, but no longer.

Anyhow, these articles are now available for free and open sharing internationally.  Hopefully they will stimulate rational open discussion on the matter.  Review them as you may, and spread the word.

James DeMeo, PhD
Director of OBRL

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