Friday, April 15, 2011

More Medical Fascism

Natural News today has an important article everyone should read, about the growing Medical Fascism in the USA, notably in the use of policemen and even SWAT teams to attack people who dare to refuse "doctor's orders".

Detroit SWAT team assaults African American mom who refused to medicate her daughter with antipsychotic drugs

The article details the neuroleptic drugs being demanded, which frequently cause severe side effects, which the mother observed and properly stopped with the medications.  For doing so, the enraged doctor called in the cops, and the cops dutifully obeyed and sent in the worst of their lot, armed to the teeth.

I've written extensively about this previously, the many similar examples of this going back over decades, and nobody who knows the case of Dr. Wilhelm Reich -- books burned, thrown into prison -- will doubt the seriousness of the problem.  It has gotten worse over the years.

If you think all this is fine, then do nothing.

If you think it is an outrage, then contact your political representatives and breath fire at them over this kind of thing, demanding an end to such fantastic power-drunkenness on the part of doctors, policemen, and federal officials.  If ignored, it will only get worse -- and I must say, Obama-care is guaranteed to make it worse, if only because it fattens up the Federal bureaucracy even more than it already is, and eliminates your choices about what kind and form of health-care you will have access to.

Over many decades of monitoring this sort of thing, I observe it is the liberals of the Democrat Party who have the greatest penchant for empowering medical authoritarianism, perhaps because they tend to bloat budgets, and when Republicans are true to their conservative principles, they tend to cut budgets, providing less money for the Emotional Plague characters in government to abuse for their trouble-making plots and schemes.  They are all big cheerleaders for conventional medicine, but the bigger and more well-funded is the Federal bureaucracy "regulating health-care", the fewer freedoms ordinary people will have on just about everything.

Arresting mothers for protecting their children against Emotional Plague psychiatrists pushing toxic psychiatric drugs is a sure sign of a deep pathology within medicine.  Every decent physician and parent will be against it.  But merely being "against it" is meaningless unless there is some kind of active measures and fight against the EP in medicine, and in the Fed.


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