Monday, May 09, 2011

Announcement: Summer Seminar on Orgonomy: Saharasia and Orgone Biophysics, USA

Events Announcement

Ashland, Oregon, USA

13-14 August 2011

Instructor:  James DeMeo, PhD


A weekend seminar on Orgonomy, hosted by Prof. DeMeo, will be held at the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory, in Ashland, Oregon, USA, on the weekend of 13-14 August of 2011.

Topics to be covered will include (as humanly possible, to the extent that time allows):
* Reich's sex-economic findings and DeMeo's findings on Saharasia.
* Bioelectrical experiments and environmental bio-fields.
* Reich's work on bions and bion preparations, possibly with a demonstration (time-permitting).
* Orgone accumulator construction principles.
* Orgone accumulator seed-sprouting experiments.
* Orgone accumulator physical measurements and demonstrations: To-T, Electroscopical phenomena, water evaporation and spectroscopy.
* Observations in the Orgone Energy Accumulator Darkroom (room-sized accumulator) and of atmospheric orgone energy phenomena.
* The Orgone Energy Field Meter, and similar devices.
* Astronomical and orgone-energy observations in the OBRL Greensprings Observatory. * Differentiation between Reich's authentic biography and orgone energy discoveries, and the various "orgone gadgets" and falsifiers.

An optional and privately-organized Field Trip will occur on Monday August 15th to Crater Lake National Park (weather permitting).
This event is described in full at the OBRL Events webpage.

Attendance is limited to approximately 10 persons, and pre-registration is necessary.

There is an informal application process for this seminar.

The Seminar Fee is $200.

If you are interested, review details on the Event's webpage (above) and contact Prof. DeMeo via the following email address:   info(at)

Thank you!

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