Thursday, May 19, 2011

TSA Whole-Body Scanners Are Unsafe, and the Sex-Grope Worthless to Detect Terror Bombs

The truth slowly emerges.  This kind of thing is too typical of the whole nuclear-atomic and microwave industry, where human health is placed at a very low priority.  Lying by scientists and doctors is just as bad as lying by politicians, though the average citizen is still unawares and all too trusting.

TSA backscatter radiation safety tests were rigged

Scientists Cast Doubt on TSA Tests of Full-Body Scanners

The other issue which nearly nobody wants to openly mention, is that this method of "security screening", including the TSA sexual grope, is nearly worthless to detect serious bombs and bombers.  Everyone knows, that any committed suicide terrorist could simply shove a kilo of plastic explosive up their anus or vagina, which would not be detected by any of those radiation scanning machines or the TSA manual groping of your crotch or breasts.  Once the plane is airborne, they go to the airplane toilet, poop it out, and detonate.  Or they can do what the hate-filled "Black Widow" Muslim suicide bomber women did in Moscow, to have the explosives implanted into their breasts by immoral Muslim MDs (the same ones who cut off hands for Sharia Law punishments).  Sooner or later that may happen in the West - and then what?  Anal and vaginal cavity exams?  Mammograms before flying?  And will this also be required to get on a train or bus?  Or when you need to visit the local Federal Building or Court House?  Or shopping mall?  That seems to be in the planning by the TSA, all to "stop terrorism" but without ever mentioning the forbidden "M" word.  And even then, this won't detect a swallowed or implanted bomb in the stomach, which could be detonated by a simple cell-phone call.

There's a reason why this is called the "security theater" - it is all for show.  Except it is not some harmless exercise.

Not only does this whole thing push to make Americans docile and submissively obedient to Federal power-drunkenness, it also nicely serves the purpose to avoid taking the one step that would actually work to screen out Muslim terrorists - profiling for connections to Islamic nations, radical mosques, and jihadi-terror organizations and agendas.

The people of Texas apparently agree, and so their elected representatives recently passed a law making it a felony for any Federal agent to engage in sexual groping behavior that would put any "ordinary" person into a prison:

Three cheers for Texas!  Now, how about other states doing the same?  And then, having the guts to enforce those laws.

You will note, the attached photo of the little girl having a TSA agent putting his hands into her crotch.  That, and many other examples of outrageous abuse are today on-record.  Any "government agent" who would do such a thing is hardly better than a pervert, and any parent who allows it has neglected their duty to protect their children from sexual abuse.  Do we really want to raise a generation of Americans who will learn to drop their pants on orders from anyone wearing a badge or carrying a gun?  Do we really want to have a society where refusal to do that will put you into prison?   If so, then we deserve to see the nation and our freedoms swept into the dustbin of history.  Sexuality is a special aspect of the human experience, and it ought not to be cheapened or trivialized with this kind of intrusive federal mandate.

"Just following orders" has a long history of abuse, and is no excuse for any Federal employee to justify their actions, nor for ordinary citizens to feel compelled to obey such perverse orders as "drop your pants" even when you have not been arrested or charged with a crime.

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