Friday, December 30, 2011

Update Additions to OBRL Newsletter #24, December 2011

The OBRL Newsletter #24 had a serious omission which was recently corrected.  

The original version posted to our website did not include important discussion on three experimental works, on these subjects:

Solar-Sunspot Variations and the Orgone-Charged Neutron Counter

Monitoring of Radioisotopes from the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

The Irresponsible and Deadly Federal Incandescent Light-Bulb Ban

As of today, 30 December 2011, these reports have now been added in, and the revised version posted up.

If you already downloaded and viewed it, you may wish to do so again to get those new reports, which include several additional photos and diagrams.

or directly from here:

Thanks for your interest.


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