Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New book by Roberto Maglione on "Biophysical Orgonometry"

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A new book by Roberto Maglione on "Biophysical Orgonometry"

A new book on Orgonomy, the science conceived by the Austrian scientist Wilhelm Reich in the last century, has been recently published with the title:
Methods and Procedures in Biophysical Orgonometry
by Roberto Maglione
ISBN:  978-8891020710

Foreword by Richard Blasband (Center for Functional Research, Sausalito, California, USA); and Afterword by Vincenzo Valenzi (Lium University, Bellinzona, Switzerland), and Fulvio Bongiorno (RomaTre University, Rome, Italy).
"Methods and Procedures in Biophysical Orgonometry" consists of five chapters summarizing the orgone energy experiments of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich, branching off into more recent findings and verification studies by his many students and other serious scientific investigators.  The work covers the thermal, electroscopical, atomic, hygrometric, and gravimetric aspects and properties of the energetic medium which Reich discovered, and which today is being identified and decisively confirmed by astrophysics in the context of various spatial mediums such as "dark matter", "neutrino sea", "cosmic ether", "intergalactic medium", "cosmic plasma" and so on.  The work presents the basics of orgonometry, concerning characteristics and peculiarities of the orgone energy and orgone energy accumulator.  A closing chapter on the quantitative evaluation of orgone energy potentials completes the book.

This is a scientific work addressed to all who want a good detailed introduction to the theoretical and experimental foundations of biophysical orgonometry, as developed by the author from the works of Reich, from his own experiments, and from other contemporary scientific investigators.  It is sufficiently detailed also for those already acquainted with Reich and Orgonomy, who want to deepen their knowledge in the field.  It is an excellent addition to the scientific literature, and one of a very few texts in the post-Reich era which details and advances the empirical natural science Reich brought into the world, but which was -- similar to other great discoveries in the history of science -- destroyed by media and academic attacks, ridicule, book-burning and "official" murder.
The book can be purchased by several methods.

1. Directly from the author Roberto Maglione, in Italy.
        (contact by email: robert_jumper at yahoo dot it)

2. From the following Italian website:
3. From the USA Natural Energy Works website:
                http://www.naturalenergyworks.net (see the section on "General Orgonomy")

4. From Amazon.com (for USA or international):

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