Friday, October 11, 2013

Climate Liars Censor News on Recent North Plains Blizzard - 75,000 cattle freeze to death

Climate Liars Censor News on Recent Wyoming, S.D. Blizzard - 75,000 cattle freeze to death

If you ever needed to fully grasp what incredible liars are the dominant left-wing media -- newspapers, TV, cable, etc. -- then just consider this event which happened last week, and which probably only 5% of the people getting this email will even know about.

Shutdown worsens historic blizzard that killed tens of thousands of South Dakota cattle


Here's some pics.

PHOTOS: Winter Storm Atlas Slams Wyoming, South Dakota and More

Of course part of the reason you probably did not hear of this, is because this fierce winter storm came so early in the season, breaking many cold-snow records, and because it arrived so quickly on the heels of the last IPCC report beating the "global warming" drum.

We get this kind of snow at our Greensprings Center nearly every winter, but we are above 4000' elevation and the accumulations don't get so great until around February.  That this happened in just one big winter storm that hit so early in the year, agrees with the minority view that a serious cool-wet trend is in the making.  Go back 50 years ago, and this sort of thing was fairly common.

Stock up and plan accordingly.

And consider to cancel your lying newspaper subscription, and start supporting news media where they don't routinely censor out or slander scientific dissenters.



Antarctic sea ice hit 35-year record high


Report: World Entering a Period of Global Cooling

Snow Already?  Crater Lake Gets 8 inches

Snow covers parts of California

But by gosh, some journalists are on the job!  We can get accurate news from .... INDIA!

Solar activity drops to 100-year low, puzzling scientists

All the hysterical doomsday predictions of the "warmers" have gone down the toilet...  even as their unethical or criminal lying and data fudging becomes more clearly documented.

World's top climate scientists told to 'cover up' the fact that the Earth's temperature hasn't risen for the last 15 years

Scientific Untruths about global warming
The political and academic financial corruption of science

Unwarranted Temperature Adjustments and Al Gore's Unwarranted Call for Intellectual Tyranny

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