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Re: 2015 Summer Conference - Wilhelm Reich Museum

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July 13-16, 2015 - RANGELEY, MAINE

Factual Narratives & Learning Tools for Newer Audiences"

Monday Morning - July 13

"Creating a Syllabus for a College Course on Wilhelm Reich"
Presenters: James E. Strick, Ph.D. & Kevin Hinchey
        Professor and science historian James E. Strick of Franklin & Marshall College and Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust co-director Kevin Hinchey discuss the creation in 2011-2012 of a syllabus for a one-semester college course on the life and work of Wilhelm Reich.

"Teaching a College Course on Wilhelm Reich"
Presenter: James E. Strick, Ph.D.
        Adapting this basic syllabus to his own style and to standard academic requirements, Professor Strick first taught this course as a science elective at Franklin & Marshall College in the 2013 spring semester and is now teaching it again in the spring 2015 semester. Strick will discuss the challenges of teaching this course, his interactions with students in the classroom, and the students' written work.

Monday Afternoon - July 13

"American Biologist Helen E. MacDonald and Her Work with Wilhelm Reich"
Presenter: C. Grier Sellers, Ph.D.
        U.C. Berkeley trained biologist Helen E. MacDonald studied with Reich, working as a research associate in his laboratory in the early 1950s. Drawing on archival material, Sellers will discuss MacDonald's background, her interactions with Reich, the findings and ideas emerging from her research in his laboratory on cancer and on the origin of life, and the potential scientific implications of that research.
        Sellers is a biologist specializing in studies of protistology and symbiosis. He has conducted experimental research on endosymbiosis and foreign organelle retention in Antarctic protists, and has taught college biology courses in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Tuesday Morning - July 14

 "NEW BOOK:  Wilhelm Reich, Biologist (Harvard University Press, Spring 2015)      
Presenter: James E. Strick, Ph.D.
        This book about Reich's early laboratory work was written by science historian James E. Strick and is now available at:
        In two morning sessions, Strick will discuss his research for this book, his talks about Reich's biological research at conferences of the History of Science Society (H.S.S.), his submission of his manuscript to Harvard University Press, the solicitation of feedback from science historians to this manuscript, and the subsequent publication of this book.

Tuesday Afternoon - July 14    

Private tour of the Wilhelm Reich Museum and the property at Orgonon.

Wednesday Morning - July 15

"The Wilhelm Reich Documentary Film Project: Background & Update"
Presenter: Kevin Hinchey
        For more information on this film project, click on: or:
        In two morning sessions, film professor Kevin Hinchey-the writer/director of this film-will discuss his research and writing of the film storyline, early unsuccessful efforts to solicit funding for this film, the successful online Kickstarter crowdsourcing campaign in 2014 that raised money for Phase One of production, the current production of this documentary film, and proposed uses for this film when it's completed.

Wednesday Afternoon - July 15

Free afternoon to enjoy the Rangeley Lakes Region.

Thursday Morning - July 16

"The True Story of a Government-Ordered Book Burning in America"
(A public talk for libraries, classrooms. community centers and conferences)
Presenter: Kevin Hinchey
        The background and actual presentation of a public talk first given by Trust co-director Kevin Hinchey at a New Jersey public library on September 24, 2011 on the occasion of the American Library Association's annual "Banned Books Week", and subsequently given at other libraries, classrooms and community centers.

"The Role of the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust in Preserving and Promoting Factual Narratives:  Publishing, Archives, Museum, Films"
Presenters: Mary Higgins & Kevin Hinchey (co-directors of the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust)
        Ms. Higgins and Mr. Hinchey will discuss the historic and current role of the Trust in bringing factually accurate information and narratives about Wilhelm Reich to newer, wider audiences.

STUDENT FEE (25% off): $185 (for full-time students with student documentation)
Registration fee includes tuition, information packet, daily homemade breakfast and refreshments. Registration may be made with check, MasterCard, Visa, American Express. Please call us at: (207) 864-3443. Or email us at:

TAX DEDUCTION:  IRS regulations permit an income tax deduction for educational expenses to maintain or improve professional skills.

Hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, bunkhouses, lakefront cottages and lakefront campgrounds are available in and around Rangeley. We encourage you to make your reservations early as July is Rangeley's busy season. For more information, contact the Rangeley Chamber of Commerce: 1-800-685-2537 or


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