Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Courtesy Announcement: Summer Conference at Orgonon: The Voice of Wilhelm Reich

Courtesy Announcement:  Conference at Orgonon:  The Voice of Wilhelm Reich


July 10-14, 2017 - RANGELEY, MAINE

The Wilhelm Reich Museum is offering a unique opportunity to participate in a conference with Reich himself.

Reich recorded a series of lectures and meetings with his students between 1949 and 1955. Now "The Voice of Wilhelm Reich" will present five of those audio tapes for study and discussion:
    The importance of Method in Scientific Research and Reich's Discovery of the Armor
    Reich Speaks of Freud
    Problems of A New Medicine
    The Oranur Experiment
    Man's Roots in Nature
The tapes will be introduced by science historian James Strick, Ph.D., author of Wilhelm Reich, Biologist (Harvard U. Press, 2015).

Programs will take place during the morning hours and there will be special evening activities. Afternoons will be free so that participants can vacation in the beautiful Rangeley Lakes Region in the Western Mountains of Maine

* An interesting and positive book review of Dr. Strick's Wilhelm Reich Biologist was posted to a history website most recently, here:

* Dr. DeMeo's seminar on his 45 years of work in experimental orgonomy is also on schedule for this summer, in mid-August, along with a shorter one-day seminar on the same topic to be held in Detmold, Germany.


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