Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Two items of interest on the public health

Two items of interest on the public health

Here are titles and links to two items of interest to the public health.


1)  Mr. Thomas DiFerdinando wrote an astute analysis of the current situation of widespread Covid hysteria, which is destroying our health, democratic institutions and social structure.  Very worthwhile to read.

A (tardy) New Year's Message from the President of RA/UCA

2)  You will all know from prior posts about my research paper: "A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19: PCR/Antigen Tests & Cases Reveal Herd Immunity Only, & Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns."  https://www.researchgate.net/publication/348550612

This article, which is available for open sharing and free distribution, has been downloaded and reviewed approximately 21,000 times, since firstly made public in mid-January.  There is a major update of that article from 9 February that supplants the older file, containing a lot of new information on the death-toll due to lockdowns alone.  By my preliminary calculations, there were more deaths from lockdowns than are attributed to Covid-19 itself, perhaps over 600,000 for 2020 alone.

To help document my conclusions on that issue, I also created a Supplementary Information paper that lists (with weblinks) more than 30 different science papers, or news articles about scientific studies from around the world, documenting this point, of dramatically increased deaths due to lockdowns, forced masking, and economic ruin.

When viewed in more detail, these increased deaths have a multiplicity of reasons. Many are due to delayed treatments for other existing diseases, notably increases in the two biggest killers, of heart disease and cancers.  Legitimate fear of going to hospitals also plays into this, as well as how conventional medicine greets people, like space aliens in full haz-mat suits, delaying emergency care and needlessly scaring people into a panic.  Hospital staff are also prone to quickly putting people on deadly ventilators, and have significant financial incentives for doing so. These have their own morbidity and mortality, beyond merely the considerable psyche-somatic emotional wrecking-ball effects.  Increases in "deaths due to despair" are also soaring, which includes suicides, drug addiction and overdoses, and general social and emotional misery from isolation, hopelessness, and similar things that are well known to create death tolls that rise and fall in direct proportion to unemployment figures.  References on this are included in my original 9 February research paper above, as well as in the Supplement, below.

It is notable that, to my knowledge, nobody in the CDC or the WHO, much less conventional physicians organizations, or the bureaucrat Hoodlums In Government (Wilhelm Reich's attackers, whom he called the "HIG") with their unconstitutional dictates for massively brutal lockdowns by police enforcement, are concerned about those deaths.  Nobody is tracking them.  Few mention them. Those people don't matter, apparently, even if they may account for 100% of those deaths being mis-attributed to "Covid-19".  The issue of 2020s "vanishing influenza" most clearly is explained by this sleight-of-hand anti-science, and is addressed in my original paper with an important added note in the Supplement. The added problems of massive errors in the PCR/antigen tests, and the high levels of comorbidity in those who perish from claimed Covid-19 (about 2.6 comorbidities per death) figure into this pattern, of what increasingly appears to me as the largest iatrogenic disaster in human history.

"First Do No Harm" appears largely abandoned today, at least by those who follow "convention" even if "convention" puts many of their patients into the grave. That's the "old epidemiology", the "old medicine" which was conveniently discarded by the WHO and CDC starting around December 2019.

Anyhow, this file, Supplementary Information: A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19, can be downloaded from here:
It also carries weblinks to the original article, if you did not get the update from 9 February.

And again, you can share these weblinks with anyone you think should know about the documents they point to.

Thanks for your attention.

James DeMeo, PhD


Sunday, February 21, 2021

List of papers on the deadly consequences of lockdowns and forced masking.

List of papers on the deadly consequences of lockdowns and forced masking.

The Supplementary Information file to my last research paper now lists numerous studies from 2020 and earlier, documenting the deadly consequences of lockdowns and forced masking.

Immediately following that list of studies, there is a section with new information on something also discussed in my research paper:
Deliberate Conflation of Influenza with Covid-19?

For example:
The red triangles are influenza for 2020-2021. The other graph lines are prior year's influenza levels.  Where did the influenza go, if not by re-definition into Covid-19? And how many other diseases and disorders were also magically transformed into Covid-19?

This material is beyond what is included in my research paper already mentioned in a prior email.

The updated Supplementary Information file is attached, but it can also be downloaded directly from here:

Supplementary Information for "A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19"

And here's the original article:

A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19: PCR/Antigen Tests & Cases Reveal Herd Immunity Only, & Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns

James DeMeo, PhD
Ashland, Oregon, USA

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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
- George Orwell


Monday, February 15, 2021

A Call for an Investigation into the CDC's Conduct During COVID-19

The CDC Data Disaster

A Call for an Investigation into the CDC's Conduct During COVID-19.  Free online event.

Many top people will be speakers.

A Free Online Event
Wednesday, February 17, 2021 - 6 p.m. EST / 3 p.m. PST
This mirrors the concerns related in my recent article.
A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19: PCR/Antigen Tests & Cases Reveal Herd Immunity Only, & Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns

James DeMeo, PhD


James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab

Ashland, Oregon, USA
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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
- George Orwell

Tuesday, February 09, 2021

New info on massive deaths due to lockdowns alone.

New info on massive deaths due to lockdowns alone.

I recently upgraded my research paper on Covid-19 to include a section on "Lockdowns, forced masking and economic ruin".  After locating a number of research reports on this aspect, the numbers of deaths could be estimated at between 300,000 to 400,000 in the USA alone, over 2020.  As such, the effects of such lockdowns become as big a killer as what is claimed to be caused by Covid-19 itself.  And that figure of C19 deaths is extremely fabricated, mostly being people dying of comorbidities such as heart attack, cancers, pneumonia and influenza, which is being misreported as "death by Covid" for a variety of reasons.  My paper coverd all of that, but now includes this staggering new information, which helps understand the explosion in all-cause deaths which the CDC dropped as a "data dump" around the turn of the year.

The revision-update version is now posted to the same websites for download:

A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19: PCR/Antigen Tests & Cases Reveal Herd Immunity Only, and Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns

This revision, dated to 9 Feb. (today) not only contains the new section on deaths due to lockdowns, but also incorporated the Postscript and Supplementary info materials into the main text, with a re-ordering of the sections to start with the most obvious issues exposed by simple graphics, working towards the more complex issues where math-analysis of the CDC's own data reinforces the conclusion that there is no "C19 pandemic" but rather a lot of extra deaths due to lockdowns and economic ruin, what is often termed "Deaths by Despair".

Also this is an interesting presentation on the same subject:
OANN REPORT: CDC Reveals Hospitals Counted Heart Attacks as COVID-19 Deaths
And not just heart attacks.

The public health in the USA will be set back by 100 years by the time this whole thing is finally exposed for the fraud that it truly is.  They want to extend lockdowns and so forth for another year or two, and basically to exterminate the middle class working familys, and put us all on the government payroll.  And the convention-minded power-brokers use the weapon of censorship quite ruthlessly.

James DeMeo, PhD

I am also asking that people buy my books, or make a donation to my non-profit research lab.  This kind of research requires a lot of time and energy, and is freely offered to the world.  Your purchase of my books, or donations to my laboratory allow this kind of work to proceed unhampered.  Please consider to do so, using these two websites:

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Monday, January 18, 2021

A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19

I've uploaded a copy of my paper on Covid19, which is posted on both ResearchGate.net and Academia.edu, here:

A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19: PCR/Antigen Tests & Cases Reveal Herd Immunity Only, and Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns

by James DeMeo, PhD



It is already causing a fuss among conventional actors, many findings in it you've probably not seen elsewhere.

Download and share before the internet billionaires completely censor non-PC information on this subject.

James DeMeo, PhD

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Trying to keep a sense of humor in deadly times.

Trying to keep a sense of humor in deadly times. 

Trump did not incite anyone to violence. I listened to the speech, and the claims that he did incite are wishful thinking and big lies.  Now occasionally he is insightful, but for some reason the Left confuses the two words, as their brains are so preoccupied about how best to get Trumps head on a pike.
Whomever rioted at the Capitol was a mix of the insane and feeble-minded, violent right-wingers, and violent left-wingers pretending to be violent right-wingers. I've already posted on this. 

But just for fun, here's a powerful delivery on that subject by a strong Republican woman, who properly invokes Orwell, who figured out these social patterns many decades ago.
She is also banned and burned by the Left billionaire teckies, and is also frequently banned by her Fox News hosts. 

Freedom of speech is taking a beating, and has become a parriah.  Of course, in the universities freedom of speech was banned and burned starting years ago, during the Obama years.  The Censorship Pandemic has a long history.

After being shadow-banned on FB and Twitter for several years, for daring to challenge the Democrat Party narrative of "Orange Man Bad", and that Covid19 wasn't what it was claimed to be, with all the totalitarian posturing I figured I'd be totally blacklisted in the near future.  So yesterday I set up new accounts on Gab.com and Parler.com.  Before doing so, I looked around for Nazis and Klansmen hiding in the corners, but didn't find any and so felt it was safe. 

It was outrageous how FB, Twitter, Google, PaPal, YouTube, Visa, Mozilla and others were calling for Trump's head on a pike, along with all his central supporters, and throwing him and his supporters off their platforms, so as to silence them totally.  Also outrageous how everyone in the Democrat Party "who mattered", notably AOC, Pelosi, Schumer, Lincoln Project and so on, were calling for "punishment" and "retribution" against Trump supporters. Trump, members of congress, and maybe a hundred of low-ranking Republican bloggers and podcasters were also deplatformed.  So I felt it was good to have a back up. 

Silly me, within a few hours, both these platforms, which were gaining around 200,000 new subscribers per day due to the totalitarian censorship of the Left-Billionaires, were collapsing.  Visa and PayPal cut them off from accepting payments.  Amazon's web servers cut them off so their websites went dead.  Google erased them from searches.  YouTube erased all their video links. Twitter and FB deleted their accounts.  And from there it spread out to all kinds of groups and people. Millions were affected. The owner of Mozilla which produces Firefox browser, went on a rant from his bunker in North Korea (joke), but he sounded like one of the Kim Jungs, again wanting Trumps head on a pike.

Millions were just defenestrated in what is best described as a Communist Purge of the counter-revolutionaries. (Where is Stalin when you need him?) If you don't know about what happened in the last couple of days on this matter of broad and deep censorship, then your news sources have been... well, censored.  They censor materials you are a 'bad person' for sharing, and then censor information about the censorship.  Neat. Pass the Soma and Lotus please.

Of course natural healing methods have been getting kicked in the teeth by these same bastards for decades - always more enthusiastically by the Democrats than the Republicans, by my estimation. I believe that's because more Democrats are eating prozac and luvox in higher proportions than Republicans, who eat Bibles laced with gunpowder - not really.  Mercola.com, healthranger.com, childrenshealthdefense.org, you name it, all are fairly routinely banished from anti-social media. Right along with Alex Jones and InfoWars.  How did that essay go "First they came for InfoWars, but I didn't care about him.  Then they came for..."  And now anyone with an opinion that matters is in deep doo doo.

My own orgonelab.org was at one time near the top of "orgonomy" web searches. No more.  Wikipedia also makes sure none of my research enters on their "Reich" or "orgone" pages.  And I learned if you dare post something critical of Covid19 on FB, Twit or Yout, then you just might get a visit from the coppers (in Europe for sure, maybe by February in the USA).

Oh, yeah, some "Republicans" also want punishment and retribution -- and I don't reference some new kinky sex thing.  But are they really Republicans?  Nope.  Lincoln Project pretenders. But at least one of their founding fathers does have kinky sex with boys on the mind, when not preoccupied on how to best put Trump's head on a pike.

I've often pondered how liberals appear to have more sex with more people but with less love and gratification, while conservatives have less sex with fewer people, but with more love and gratification.  That seems to explain a lot, as does Freud's old identification of the Oedipal conflict -- pure boiling hatred against the "bad orange man" father figure.
Breathe deep!  Before the new shallow-breathing Covid restrictions set in.


Friday, January 01, 2021

Happy Deep State New World Order Chi-Com Great Reset!

Happy Deep State New World Order Chi-Com Great Reset!

You are now officially a happy pawn whose worthless life, liberty and pursuit of happiness has been cancelled by totalitarian better-than-you Democrats.


Meanwhile, watch Comrade deBlasio and wife do a happy dance where you worthless pawns are forbidden.

Elite Lives Matter.  https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/01/01/watch-bill-de-blasio-dances-in-times-square-while-keeping-new-yorkers-out/

Smile broadly, Be Happy. The Worst is Yet to Come!


Thursday, December 24, 2020

Musical Christmas, Hanukkah, Holiday and New Year Greetings - Orgone Biophysical Research Lab - OBRL

Musical Christmas, Hanukkah, Holiday and New Year Greetings
Orgone Biophysical Research Lab - OBRL

Dear friends and supporters,
Once again I share with you a lovely Classical Music-Video Christmas Card, with a weblink list of favorite musical gifts, sensitive and exciting orchestrations and chorus, from several of the world's master composers and best international orchestras.

This year, I've added Händel's Water Music to share, with the same list as before - timeless!

I suggest to set up your computer with a good set of external speakers, play while going about your holiday at home. Most have videos of the musicians and choral singers to watch as well.

A better recommendation is to download them all for repeat or later viewing and listening - as musical videos you get to see the lovely and talented people in their performances. Really wonderful and authentically high-talent people, performing such fantastic music. No smiley-faced movie stars or Hollywood glitter. True talent and deeply focused work. Strong Hearts. Love in Timeless Music, from hundreds of years ago.

Thanks and Good Cheer to all,
James DeMeo

Händel's Water Music

Mozart for Christmas, a Selection

Beethoven 9 - 'Choral' Symphony in D minor, Op. 125 -
Proms 2012, Daniel Barenboim
2nd Movement at 18:00
3rd Movement at 30:00
Finale, Ode to Joy! at 55:05

Mozart: Clarinet Concerto in A major, K.622, Arngunnur Árnadóttir, clarinet

BEETHOVEN Concerto for Violin and Orchestra - Hilary Hahn, violin

Mozart Symphony #40 in G minor, Boston Symphony Orchestra,
Leonard Bernstein

G. F. Händel: Messiah HWV 56 (fantastic performance)

James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab

Ashland, Oregon, USA
e-mail:  demeo(at)mind(dot)net

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 meantime is an excellent overview of my work efforts at OBRL.
Our Year-End Summary and Request for Your Support.
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Saturday, December 12, 2020

American Election Fraud and the Recent Supreme Court Ruling

American Election Fraud and the Recent Supreme Court Ruling

The Supreme Court keeps knocking down the legal petitions for grievances about clear and well-documented election fraud, based upon technical and procedural issues that ignore the central crimes committed by 4 or more State governments in cahoots with one major political party. How bad does it have to get before this court would actually agree to hear such a case, to review the evidence which affects the entire nation? Make no mistake, their ruling last night was not any judgement upon the merits of the election fraud evidence, but merely a pathetic legal tap-dance around the thorny issue of election fraud evidence. Justices Alito and Thomas had it correct.

The situation reminds me of two prior legal cases, that also used techinical and procedural excuses to evade and avoid confrontation with serious issues of national consequence.

1) The US Supreme Court decision to deny Wilhelm Reich's appeal to overturn lower court rulings that a) ignored Reich's written "Response" to those courts, outlining legal over-reach and prosecutorial fraud, as if he never responded at all, b) ordered the banning and burning of Reich's scientific-medical books and journals, and c) ordered Reich to end all writing on the subject of his research. The public health consequences of this were a disaster, and continue to be so, given what we know about the powerful immune-boosting efficacy of his orgone energy accumulator, "the most important discovery in the history of medicine, bar none" (T. Wolfe) See my two books, "The Orgone Accumulator Handbook" and "In Defense of Wilhelm Reich" for documentation and details on this subject (available from Natural Energy Works
http://www.naturalenergyworks.net )

2) The US Supreme Court "Dred Scott" decision of 1857, which affirmed slavery and that run-away former black slaves who lived in northern free states for years were nevertheless "not citizens of the USA" nor even "people", but were only "property" which must be returned to their "owners" - thereby returning the run-away slave, Mr. Dred Scott, from the free-state where he lived for a decade, back to his southern slave-owner in Louisiana. This decision inflamed tensions over the issue of slavery, setting the foundation for the secession of Democrat Party slave states from the Union two years later, following the election of anti-slavery Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln's election was followed quickly by Confederate lynchings of white abolitionists and organized military attacks upon the Union-held Fort Sumpter in 1860, which drew "first blood" and started the US Civil War.

With the Supreme Court ruling against Trump and his supporters on at least two critical appeals - both of which were turned down without examination of the actual core of the legal cases, the documented election fraud - it seems unlikely that any case based upon election fraud would gain traction in that court. They simply do not wish to examine that evidence, perhaps because it would put them into the position as "king-maker". If they examined the evidence and ruled that serious election fraud had occurred, then those state electors would be denied, and Trump would be given a clear path to victory via a Constitutionally-mandated Assembly of States. If their examination of evidence led them to rule against a conclusion of fraud, then Biden wins. But by refusing to examine the evidence at all, they took the coward's path, allowing election fraud to stand unopposed, and go unchallenged in any legal manner. Trump may still have a pathway in the state legislatures and courts where election fraud occurred, however slim that might be.
Whatever the court's reasons for refusing to review the documentation of election fraud - committed by the Democrat Party to boost up a Crime Family that received millions of dollars in bribe money from Communist China - the short- and long-term consequences will not be good.

James DeMeo, PhD

Saturday, December 05, 2020

Saharasia - How it Got Started and What Does it Mean?

Saharasia - How it Got Started
and What Does it Mean?

Saharasia: The 4000-3500 BCE Origins of Child Abuse, Sex-Repression, Human Violence and Warfare, In the Deserts of the Old World.
by James DeMeo, PhD
2nd Updated Edition. 465 pages with over 100 maps, tables and illustrations.
A book that will forever change your perception of human society, history and behavior.

Available for $34 outside the USA, and $19.95 on Special Sale for USA orders. Shipping charges are additional ($5.60 for USA and around $15 USD variable for most international.)  Available from Natural Energy Works, our on-line bookstore, and from most international on-line bookstores.

Author James DeMeo Recounts the Development of Saharasia, and Some Details on the Rocky Road to Discovery.

Saharasia is perhaps the most important book I've ever written, though certainly not the most popular.  It presents a major discovery on the role of early human armoring in the origins of war and social violence, in the mid to late Old World Neolithic period of around 4000 BC.  My findings were rooted in, and constitute a powerful confirmation of Wilhelm Reich's sex-economic theory of human behavior. By many reader's reactions, these findings present an entirely different and new world view of early humanity, and will change forever your view of human history, society and behavior, exposing as it does many facts which were heretofore hidden from the multiple science professions: archaeology, anthropology, history, psychology, climatology.  The findings in Saharasia powerfully challenge nearly all conventional theories of human behavior and the origins of violence, including those of "violent genes", "naked ape", "blank slate" and "original sin".  The story of its development is also interesting and unique.  Here is a summary on how the Saharasia discovery was made.

Most reading this will know how Wilhelm Reich's discoveries have been a central subject of my own research going back to around 1970 - some 50 years ago.  My university studies at that time were partly directed at biology, health and environmental issues, but gradually focused upon earth and atmospheric science. I was the first university student to undertake open experimental investigations of Reich's discoveries for my Master's and PhD Dissertation work, within a top mainstream university, the University of Kansas at Lawrence.  My student quarters were always overflowing with books by Reich and other controversial scientists of the 20th Century, aside from those required for my courses.  A portion of my living space was equally dedicated to experimental undertakings, with a microscope to investigate the bions, a vacuum tube millivoltmeter to investigate bioelectric fields and skin electrical potentials, a telescope for night-sky viewing, constructions of orgone blankets and accumulators, and whatever other analytical equipment I could buy or scrounge and repair as discarded by academic departments or research labs.  I took very seriously Reich's point that "your microscope should be of just as high quality as the automobile you wish to own."  Well, I never owned a fancy new car, but did eventually obtain a very fine microscope, and other excellent scientific equipment, eventually building up my own laboratory.

My open interest in Reich was puzzling or sometimes quite offensive to some of my professors, while a few others shared my positive interest.  I still recall one professor being fired from the local Miami-Dade Community College, where I once studied, for daring to openly discuss Reich's Mass Psychology of Fascism. I was cautioned by my seniors in orgonomy about "not throwing darts at land mines", which in my enthusiasm was hard to avoid, given the large "emotional mine fields" which spread across most universities in those days.  (Today, this problem in the universities is even worse.) On a few occasions, I got a chilly roaring blast, a literally screaming of rage in my face by "top" academics declaring "REICH WAS A QUACK!!" or similar insults, with an intensity far greater than what rational objections could merit.  A "protest too much", as Shakespeare would say. At other times, in starting such conversations with other students or professors, I could read their body language and facial expressions as one of horror and terror, and so found a polite way to change the subject, and leave them in peace.  Learning these issues of human armoring, the capacities or limitations of people to tolerate such issues as Reich raised, became a paramount concern for survival of a student or non-tenured professor in the mainstream of academic science.

After completing an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science, with an additional post-baccalaureate year of Chemistry (exploring a medical career, which I soon nixed), I set out to find a professor in a university somewhere, anywhere on the planet, in any scientific department (I would adapt) with whom I could study Reich's work in greater depth, towards a science PhD.  It was personally difficult for me to hide those interests, and I reasoned that, either I would be successful in finding such an open-minded university department, or if I got canned and thrown out for being a "Reichian radical", I'd recover by writing a book on the experience.

It took two years of searching before I hit gold, and found two such professors at the same university, who were open to Reich and my research interests - Robert Haralick and Robert Nunley at the University of Kansas (KU). They invited me to apply to the KU graduate program, and were open to my open experimental study of Reich while working towards a doctorate in the Geography-Meteorology Department. With their agreement, my first study at KU would be aimed at evaluating the most "radical-controversial" aspect of Reich's discoveries, namely the Reich cloudbuster.

For the first two years at KU, from 1977 to 1979, I attended a full load of courses, but also implemented a research protocol to evaluate its influence upon Kansas weather.  The results of that study (about which I will discuss in a later article) were formally accepted as my Master's Thesis.  A more in-depth program of research was then developed for my doctoral program, to take the cloudbuster into the Southwestern USA deserts, for a desert-greening project.  That proposal ran into opposition, however, and so had to be dropped, even as I continued with such work privately.

In consultation with Nunley, the idea came to do a global geographical and cross-cultural data analysis on some of Reich's earlier ideas on the origins of violence, such as the correlated behaviors and social institutions that drove societies into war and social violence.  Such issues were inclusive of harsh treatments and ritual abuses of infants and children, as well as severe sex-repression of young love - as with Romeo and Juliet - as well as restrictions on older adults in their seeking of happy and loving relationships.  Those two categories of human relations were paramount in Reich's theory, that where gentle mother-love for infants, and parental protection and love for children was present, and where young love within peer groups was not suppressed, nor adults confined to arranged love-less compulsive marriages, the larger society was of a peaceful egalitarian nature. And contrawise, where those aspects of love were not present, social violence and warfare were present and persisting.

In concept, such a study was a simple task. Find some cultural data on those subjects, make a series of world maps, look for patterns that would expose where the variables were more or less intensive, check the correlations with other social variables, and in a year or two I'd finish up.

To assist in this effort, I found several professors in the Anthropology Department who were agreeable to my line of investigation, and who helpfully steered me towards the Human Relations Area Files. From there I found the work of George P. Murdock, who had already compiled in his life's work, the "Ethnographic Atlas".  That atlas was a huge data base of several hundred cultural factors for 1170 specific individual tribal cultures, from around the world.  His "atlas" contained no maps, however, only the raw data in tabular form, which was also just then made available on IBM computer cards. Using the mainframe computer at KU, and having learned about desktop computers from Nunley, who was an expert in that field, I created Basic programs to read those data and organize them into world maps.  A speedy completion seemed at hand.

With Nunley's help in computers, I wrote a Basic computer program to read the Murdock data, and another larger data set by Robert Textor, and print them out on histograms, with approximated regional locations.  Later, exact latitudes and longitudes for each tribal unit were obtained, programming the computer to make more exacting maps of greater detail.  The primary result was the World Behavior Map, which summarized the levels of human violence in different regions, identifying the most and least violent regions.  Many variables were found in the Murdock/Textor data that matched what might stand as proxies for Wilhelm Reich's sex-economic theory of human violence and totalitarianism. Additional maps were also hand-drawn from other data sets for individual factors not in the Murdock/Textor data base. The variables included such pain-inflicting and repressive, violent social institutions as:

      *Infant Cranial Deformation and Swaddling
      *Breastfeeding / Denial of the Breast
      *Male Genital Mutilations
      *Phallotomy and Eunuchism
      *Female Genital Mutilations
      *Unnecessary Hysterectomy and Mastectomy: Ritual Medical Castration and Sexual Mutilation of Girls and Women in Western Hospitals
      *Scarification of the Body
      *Female Premarital Sex Taboo
      *Segregation of Adolescent Boys
      *Incest and Incest Taboo
      *High Bride-Price Marriage
      *Marital Residence
      *Contraception and Abortion
      *The Couvade, and Similar Practices
      *Post-Partum Sexual Taboos
      *Cognitive Kin Groups
      *Inheritance Rules: Land and Movable Property
      *Ritual Widow Murder = Mother Murder
      *High God Religion and the Mother Goddess
      *Class Stratification
      *Caste Stratification
      *Hydraulic Society and "Oriental Despotism"
The reader will note that some of these variable also inflict damage upon the "civilized-modern" nation states, including the USA and Europe.  So it is not a matter of pointing out problems and self-destructive impulses in  so-called "primitive" cultures.

Maps produced from the Murdock/Textor cross-cultural variables, and additional independent ones, all showed a similar geographical pattern:  the most harsh, punishing and dictatorial of social factors aiming to destroy maternal-infant bonding, and young adolescent and young adult sexual and romantic love, with harsh punishments, had their most severe and widespread characteristics across one major multi-region part of the world.  And that region was what I call Saharasia, inclusive of North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. 

Most everyone familiar with our world will note those are all harsh desert regions.  They include the Sahara Desert, the Syrian, Negev, Turkish and other Middle-Eastern deserts, the deserts of Iraq, Iran, south Russian regions, Pakistan, the Rajasthan of India, and the Mongolian and Gobi deserts.  Historically, it was easy to imagine how these harsh and hyperarid deserts might create a more violent kind of human social structure, where violent human social institutions could develop alongside violence-rationalizing belief systems, all related to the struggle between different tribal groups for food and water, and geographical access to them.  However, there was more to it than merely a vague "struggle for food and water".

The preliminary cross-cultural and map-making work required deeper study history and archaeology, to filter out the murky qualities of ancient history, and compare that to the modern behavior findings from the cross-cultural maps.  I was driven to Truly Know the meaning and relationships of the new findings which were cropping up wherever I applied Reich's theory.  Reich's ideas, already unique and controversial within psychology and psychiatry, served as a giant spotlight which was, for the first time, shone upon the massive data of anthropology already collected but never quite fully understood in the way I was investigating. The full exposition of the new discoveries required a full 7 years of investigation, including field work in Egypt, Israel, and the American Southwest, with extended library research, computer number-crunching and map-making way beyond anything I anticipated.  I was captured in a passion, and could not let go.  Wherever the new facts and patterns on the world maps were leading, I would follow.

A separate investigation into ancient history was made, to identify the earliest traces of human violence and war in the "stones and bones" of ancient settlements and cities. Over 100 texts summarizing the archaeology and history of different world regions were consulted, from which I developed a new data base of around 10,000 index cards, each with a critical event that steered humanity into greater violence, with its own latitude-longitude coordinates and general or specific date. This time- and location-specific method yielded additional eye-opening geographical patterns, allowing construction of new maps on the diffusion of violence around the globe, which matched certain aspects of historically-accepted diffusion of people and world languages.  The findings were flowing in almost faster than I could record them, something which by authentic scientific methods is known as the "fruitful hallmark of an accurate theory".

One of those major findings was the strong geographical correlation of the most abusive and violent of human behaviors as identified on the World Behavior Map were nearly identical to maps made by other scholars on most severe desert regions around the world.  This was illuminating but also astonishing in the extreme, for the reason that those same areas of world geography were not always harsh deserts!  Prior to c.4000 BC, Saharasia was not a desert, and that carried serious implications for the desert-behavior correlation as seen in the modern-era maps.  If the harsh desert conditions were a mechanism that drove people into a condition of violent treatments of infants, children, adolescents and of their fellow adults - notably in attacks against mother-infant bonding and against sexual bonding of young and older people, then what is suggested as the human condition prior to the c.4000 BC marker date, before the harsh deserts existed?

Prior to c.4000 BC, most of Saharasia did not exist as a harsh desert, and was instead a wet and lush semi-forested grassland-savanna biome, similar to the big game parks of Eastern Africa today.  Massive rivers coursed through the various sub-regions of the later Saharasian Desert Belt, and filled giant lakes of which today only dried up remnants or saline mud-holes remain.  Bones of water-life animals litter those dried-up wastelands, of elephant, giraffe, hippo, crocodile, fish, and also the hunting implements, settlement debris and skeletal remains of human hunter-gatherers. None of those humans or animals could subsist in those same regions today, without massive irrigation and imported food.  And most remarkably, the human artifacts of those wet periods rarely or even never showed signs of serious or systematic social violence or organized warfare, neither in the weaponization of hunting tools, nor defensive fortifications, nor body-armor protection, nor skeletal remains.  The few exceptions so boldly asserted by some archaeologists, promoting their favored "violent gene" theories, are with few exceptions highly ambiguous, and generally overblown in media reports to rationalize human violence as something forever present, in our "dna".  Prior to the c.4000 BC date, those concepts find little support, and then only in a few pre-4000 BC sub-regions of desert conditions, with isolated and rare examples of human violence.

After around 4000 to 3500 BC, however, evidence for human violence explodes across the then-drying Saharasian region, with all the artifacts and built-structures of human violence and warfare.  And that kind of evidence expands outwards from hyperarid Saharasia, around the world unto its modern extent.  Pre-Columbian ocean voyages help our understandings of that process, where violent humans also departed from Mediterranean, Red Sea, Persian Gulf and Chinese regions outwards across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, to yield smaller regions of violent humans in what are not desert lands at all.  In such cases, it is the social institutions of human ideology and religion which have carried the abusive traits into the non-desert world.

My work on Saharasia exposes all these factors in great detail, and thereby constitutes a highly quantitative and evidence-driven discovery on the origins of both ancient and contemporary human violence and war.  In this, the Saharasia book presents a hopeful vision for humanity, that violence is not our "natural state".  It also gives strong support to the sex-economic theory of Wilhelm Reich, as the most solid and accurate of all theories of human behavior, and being a bedrock of my own findings.

I can say with fact, that Reich was intuitive in both senses, inventing the cloudbuster and having an intuitive sense of what he called "The Emotional Desert".  In that latter concept, he once supposed how living in a harsh desert with blistering heat and less water, where plants had thorns and with venomous snakes and insects were found as a dominant feature, that people might develop a corollary in their behavior. My work discussed and clarified Reich's original supposition, not exactly as he had it, but very close, and with solid data extracted from the very professions of human behavior and psychology where Reich and Saharasia are censored, slandered and erased the most, and appreciated the least.

Saharasia had intensive peer-review during the dissertation production, with input of valuable helps, suggestions and criticisms from my committee, which was composed of four geographers and two anthropologists. Nevertheless, Saharasia also came under attack, from the Physics Department (!?) who had just then learned I had wrote something in an Appendix to my cloudbusting study, 8 years earlier, which was critical of Albert Einstein's theory of relativity!  I can laugh about it today, but back then it was a serious concern.  One member of my committee dropped out, saying "I won't sign anything with Wilhelm Reich's name in it".  As I later learned, his son was a PhD psychologist.  In spite of these problems, the dissertation was accepted.

I was successful to publish several summary articles on my findings in a few lesser-known journals.  At one point my work attracted the attention of the female editor at the University of Texas Press. She was astonished and deeply moved about my research, wanted to publish simultaneous soft- and hard-cover editions, with a publicity campaign and speaking tour.  I was amazed, and elated.  Unfortunately, the male academic reviewers were aghast. One took offense that I did not accept that prostitution was the "world's oldest profession", for which instead I had nominated midwifery. Another stated, like a squeaky-voiced powdered-wig imbecile of some Royal Court "what's all this got to do with sex"?   A third wanted the book published, but was outvoted.  That was around 1987, when the KU Geography Department approved the Saharasia findings as my dissertation, and awarded the Doctorate PhD.

At another conference on "Matriarchal Cultures" where I was an invited speaker on my Saharasia work, after my talk during the question period, several Muslim women "scholars" in full veils, launched into a verbal assault of screaming and finger-pointing that lasted so long and intensively that the professional translator could not keep up, and the conference organizer later apologized to me, saying she'd never in her life seen such angry attacks upon a speaker. And during that lecture, I never mentioned one word about "Islam" - although the World Behavior Map by its geographical dimensions screams "ISLAM!"  Today, after 911 and other Muslim terrorism, I make it a point to mention Islam, but not to condemn all Muslims, as like it or not, it is the central organizing ideology across all of Saharasia today, and which brings Saharasian cultural institutions of child abuse, female inferiority and violent terror into every place where unreformed Muslims settle.  Since the analysis was centered on pre-1900 tribal cultures, to include Native Americans in the New World, and socially-isolated cultures in Europe, the analysis had "peeled back" the layers of the modern nation-states, and thereby exposed a generalized older condition which did not include the horrors of 20th Century world wars, nor much of colonial influences.

There are several other chapters in Saharasia that should find wide interest, notably the specific discussions on village-level peaceful cultures that survived into modern times due to geographical isolation, a chapter on Contraceptive Herbs, and a section on the demise of the generally peaceful Minoan, Indus-Valley, and Anasazi cultures, where violence appeared only in the very end times of their civilizations.

For such controversial materials, which challenged the academic status-quo at nearly every turn, I was also subjected to published slander by the malignant academic-supported 'skeptic clubs'.  They, too, hate Reich, and me also for on-going work verifying and supporting his original findings, and other scientifically-valid controversies.  The various attacks made continued work in the universities nearly impossible, even while many of my best friends and supporters were Professors. (And this was decades before the explosion of leftist rioters screaming down and attacking conservative speakers and professors.)

After departing from KU I held the post of Assistant Professor in a few universities, but eventually broke away from the narrow confines of the academic world to form my own research institute in 1989. It wasn't until 1998, however, that I was able to expand and re-draft the original Saharasia dissertation into a scholarly book version, more readable and with greater detail:

Saharasia: The 4000-3500 BCE Origins of Child Abuse, Sex-Repression, Human Violence and Warfare, In the Deserts of the Old World.
As I wrote, Saharasia will forever change your perception of human history, society and behavior.

A second edition was produced in 2006, correcting a few slips and citation errors, and with a new Appendix "Update on Saharasia" which addresses new evidence that had come to light in the period since the original publication. In that Appendix, I gathered even more evidence supporting my Saharasia discoveries, examining several claims that superficially were considered as opposing it, but which factually did not.  Saharasia Still Stands Strong!  I should also say, having presented my Saharasia work in lectures to numerous professional scholarly societies, and at invited university symposia, I never received any kind of serious critical exposure of errors or of facts, by which my findings would be at risk. But I did often get many "ah HA" reactions from other scholars, who then pointed out new things to me which further confirmed the findings.  Every year or so, the Saharasia book is ordered by universities as a textbook, I am happy to say.

Here's a Table of Contents of Saharasia,
Again, while the original retail price was $39, it has been reduced down to $34 for outside the USA, and to a special sale of $19.95 for USA orders, plus shipping. Those reduced prices are for the full second edition, a 465 page work with numerous maps, tables and illustrations.  Available from Natural Energy Works, our on-line bookstore, and from most on-line bookstores.

Also Available:  Abridged Version of Saharasia in Italian and Greek languages.  (If you speak English, the full original book is a better deal.)

* SAHARASIA (Italian): Le Origini della Violenza Umana, Abridged Italian Summary of the Saharasia discovery and book, around 100 pages by James DeMeo, PhD.
Price: $14.95

* SAHARASIA (GREEK): The Origins of Human Violence, Abridged Greek Summary of the Saharasia discovery and book, around 100 pages by James DeMeo, PhD
Price: $14.95

See the offerings of these translations underneath the main Saharasia presentation at
Or check with your favored international book sellers.

Thanks for reading, and for your purchase, which helps to keep my work alive and moving forward.

James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA

"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
- George Orwell


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Mask-Free, Hugging Kissing Thanksgiving to all.

Happy Thanksgiving to All.

Our local wild turkeys were given a full pardon.

From JD and OBRL

PS.  Over the holiday, I'll post some critically-important Covid-Fraud and Election-Fraud updates to my FB page:


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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
- George Orwell

Sunday, November 22, 2020

The Orgone Accumulator Handbook: Wilhelm Reich's Life-Energy Discoveries and Healing Tools for the 21st Century, With Construction Plans

The Orgone Accumulator Handbook: Wilhelm Reich's Life-Energy Discoveries and Healing Tools for the 21st Century, With Construction Plans

The Third and Most Recent Edition of
The Orgone Accumulator Handbook

Continuing now with presentations and history of my major publications.

The first edition of the Orgone Accumulator Handbook was published back in 1986, before the era of internet or even email.  I was then working as instructor at the University of Miami, teaching courses on physical geography and climatology, with joint appointment at the Miami-Dade Community College (MDCC), Environmental Center. My courses on renewable energy systems, also presented at other universities in prior years, in part led to creation of the MDCC "Sun-Science Day" program for local elementary schools. There, I'd show and tell about solar energy and wind-power, with others presenting on South Florida native wildlife, showing off lizards, bunny rabbits and raccoons to show the kids.  So my "students" then ranged from around 10 years old to 60+, as I drove daily from one venue to another.

It was fun, interesting and paid the bills, but my deeper interests in experimental orgonomy, dating back to the late 1970s at the University of Kansas, were a primary interest.  Orgonomic science was too controversial for most universities, and so while doing my other university work, I began offering private seminars, which attracted interested physicians and other professionals, as well as numerous students.  A primary focus at that time was Wilhlem Reich's orgone accumulator (ORAC).  I had built several of them by that time, with various research papers on the subject in the Journal of Orgonomy.  These included research reports on my early experiments boosting the growth of plants and seedlings, as well as alterations in the properties of orgone-charged water -- such as suppressing the rate of water evaporation.  All those experiments were significant controlled studies, producing positive results favoring Reich. I presented some of this work at scientific conferences, stimulating more interest as well as a few malicious attacks. By that time I had a steady stream of correspondence with interested professionals and others, some from overseas.

Numerous questions were asked, often repeating.  I directed many to the Wilhelm Reich Museum Bookstore, which sold photocopies of Reich's booklet The Orgone Energy Accumulator: Its Scientific and Medical Use.  While that work had many excellent details, the photocopy reproductions at that time were not so good, and the booklet didn't provide clear instructions on how to build them.  Questions on fine details of ORAC construction continued to land in my mailbox and telephone answer machine. I then wrote up a basic set of instructions and guidelines for use, in a 40-page high-quality but simple photocopy booklet, made on folded-over letter-sized paper, saddle-stitched and with a blue card-stock cover.  It had many line-drawings and other images that photocopied well.  Over the ensuing several years, a few hundred copies were eventually sold or given away, sent out by mails. Public interest in my work on the orgone accumulator continued thereon.

Departing from Miami, I taught briefly at the University of Northern Iowa, physical geography courses mostly, Earth and Atmospheric Science, before deciding it was time to depart from the academic world.  Controversy surrounding my orgonomic work was attracting much positive interest from students, physicians and scientists world-wide, but within the American universities, it became a point of serious alarm. I also landed in the cross-hairs of the "skeptic clubs" who specialize in slander, defamation and dirty-tricks. I then decided to take a risk, to bail out of the academic "rat race" of "two steps forward, one step back", and form my own research institute and laboratory.

About this same time, starting in 1989 when I moved to California, I produced a second high quality paperback edition of the ORAC Handbook, titled The Orgone Accumulator Handbook: Construction Plans, Experimental Use, and Protection Against Toxic Energy.  It was written and typeset on a Mac Plus computer using PageMaker 4, printed out on a laser printer, and then sent to a printing company to run off 1000 copies. Two close friends taught me the joys and perils of desk-top publishing, and floated a loan for the printing. The new second edition was around 160 pages covering far more material than the first edition, including additional photos, diagrams and added information overall, including discussion of the best materials to use in ORAC construction. That second edition also introduced the problem of electromagnetic fields  (EMF) as a contaminant of orgone accumulator functions, something Reich first noted with respect to fluorescent lamps in his laboratory. He eventually had them removed.  At that time before internet, EMF problems were restricted to power-line fields, transformers in things like electric clock-radios, leaky microwave ovens, and a few AM/FM broadcast towers.

The 1989 second edition of the ORAC Handbook had a full color image of the blue glowing Apollo Astronaut on the cover, and appears to have been the first book to put that image on the cover.  Life Magazine had used it as a cover image back in 1968, right after the Apollo 12 moon-landing, capturing my great interest.  That image seemed to disappear thereafter, however, and often was shown only in black-and-white versions, as if the blue color was something "sinister" needing deletion.  Years later, I wrote a separate scientific analysis of that blue-glowing astronaut image, given how it was chronically being dismissed as due to camera smudges or lunar dust: "The Blue-Glowing Astronauts: Solar Glare? Lunar Dust? Water Vapor? Camera Smudges? Or the RF/Electrically-Excited Human Orgone (Life) Energy Field?"  That document is still posted to my internet site:

That 1989 second edition of the Handbook, now out of print, is still found in used bookstores. Over the subsequent 20 years, it sold around 10,000 copies, with additional translations into German, Portuguese, French and Polish.  Those translated editions together sold more than the English one, around 40,000 copies over the same 20 years, much to my surprise, tapping into a great interest in Reich within Europe. I was then invited to give seminars and lectures around the world, at private institutes, to medical groups, and at a few universities.  That edition remained in print until around 2010, when the current third edition was published: The Orgone Accumulator Handbook: Wilhelm Reich's Life-Energy Discoveries and Healing Tools for the 21st Century, with Construction Plans.  A photo of the cover of this third 2010 edition, with an improved image of the same blue-glowing astronaut, is reproduced above.

That third edition was expanded to over 250 pages, with a more detailed overview of clinical and experimental evidence from different physicians who treated patients with the ORAC, and by scientists at universities running different biological experiments on humans, plants, lab mice.  Many physics experiments were also covered, such as the thermal anomaly and electrostatic discharge experiments which Reich originally developed.  A new chapter was added on "Living Water", and a new Appendix article I published in a science journal was included, "A Dynamic and Substantive Cosmological Ether".  The discussions on toxic EMF, radio- and microwave frequencies was also updated, to include the growing problems of WiFi, cell phones and towers, and 5G.  The third edition is divided into three major sections, with the following chapters:

Author's Preface
Foreword by Eva Reich
New Information on Reich's Persecution

Part I: The Biophysics of the Orgone Energy
- What is the Orgone Energy?
- Wilhelm Reich's Discovery of the Orgone Energy, and
        Invention of the Orgone Accumulator
- Objective Demonstration of the Orgone Energy
- Discovery of an Unusual Energy by Other Scientists

Part II: The Safe and Effective use of Orgone Accumulators
- General Principles for Construction and Experimental Use
- The Oranur Effect and Dor
- Cleaning up Your Bioenergetic Environment
- Natural Healing Living Waters
- Physiological and Biomedical Effects
- Personal Observations with the Orgone Accumulator
- Some Simple and Not-So-Simple Experiments
- Questions and Answers

Part III: Construction Plans for Orgone Accumulating Devices
- Construction of a 2-ply Orgone Blanket
- Construction of a 5-ply Garden Seed Charger
- Construction of a 10-ply Orgone Accumulator
- Construction of an Orgone Shooter Funnel
- Construction of an Orgone Shooter Tube
- Construction of a 3-ply Human-Sized Orgone Accumulator

Selected References
Information Sources on Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy
Appendix: "A Dynamic and Substantive Cosmological Ether"
About the Author

This third edition is currently-available, sold internationally by various internet booksellers, with new translations into German, Spanish, Italian and Greek.  The English and translated editions are also sold through our own publishing house and bookstore, Natural Energy Works, where it can be purchased on-line within the USA and Internationally:

Most people reading this will already know about the ORAC Handbook, but maybe not about the most recent third edition. I recommend it as a considerable improvement over the earlier editions. There also are no  time-wasting discussions about "orgonite" and other claim-hoax "orgon thingys" which litter the internet, and so badly distract from Reich's substantial discoveries. And that is true for the foreign translations as well.  All of the third edition versions, English and the translations, are professionally produced, high quality perfectbound paperbacks with color covers, more comprehensive and better than the earlier translations.

This is a great gift for youth, and for your friends and as a treat for yourself.

Thanks for reading, and please share around.

James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA


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Hacker Attack - Spam Posts Removed

Hacker Attack - Spam Posts Removed

The OBRL-News Blog was recently hacked, and anons posted spam-junk and vulgar blackmail postings -- I finally restored control over OBRL's Blogger account and deleted the offending posts.  Apologies for what was unexpected and beyond our control.

James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA

Sunday, November 15, 2020

The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space: Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science

The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space:
Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science

In between all the unpleasant news we all have been exposed to, and as I also frequently post and discuss on my social media, we must also maintain a focus upon that which expands us, keeps us emotionally and psychologically fit, even if it doesn't stray far from controversy.  So, I'll be informing all on my social media, both newbies and old friends, about my books, which everyone interested in new energy science, and Wilhlem Reich's discoveries should know about, and be uplifted and stimulated in the reading.

Firstly lets look at my latest, The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space: Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science. 


This one addresses a major fraud perpetrated in mainstream science decades ago, but which today is ignorantly repeated, like parrots, in every textbook.  Namely, the cosmic ether of space WAS experimentally detected, and no "null" or "zero" result was ever reported by Michelson-Morley (MM) in their original publications. Many others replicated that same experiment using far better and more sensitive interferometer devices than MM used, such as Dayton Miller, and in other team efforts by Morley-Miller, Michelson-Pease-Pearson and Michelson-Gale. Others have done so in more recent times, such as Yuri Galaev, Reginald Cahill and Hector Munera.  ALL have been ignored, censored or simply erased by both mainstream "science" journals, and by their academic colleagues. Sound familiar to modern politics?  (My own research findings and publications have suffered a similar fate.)
So what are the reasons for this chronic and rather "official" mis-reporting and obfuscation?   The primary reason is, that none of the modern theories of astrophysics remains standing when confronted by a medium in cosmic space which affects light-speed with a variation aligned in a specific cosmic-sidereal direction. And there are many entire academic departments, top "expert" bibliographies, and more fundamentally  research grant cash-cows at stake.

I've studied this material since my undergraduate university days, back in the early 1970s, and later raised the issues as a doctoral candidate and later PhD professor in the universities - often triggering explosive reactions from professors who worshiped Einstein's theory of relativity, or the idea of a cosmic "Big Bang" start of the universe.  Or they embraced "back holes" as a real thing. What I show in this book, is how all those theores, including much of "quantum entanglement" theory (often called quantum magic), are little more than metaphysical suppositions. The evidence for them frequently, if not always, finds a simpler explanation along the lines of a cosmic dynamic and gravitational ether.  None remain standing as viable theories in the face of a cosmic ether, particularly one with dynamic and motional-material properties, as I argue.  Even so, I do not question any aspects of empirical astronomical discovery, only the metaphysical speculative astrophysical theories which try to explain what astronomers have observed.  It is a question of facts, versus "theories about facts".

Better yet, I show the close relationship of cosmic ether to the cosmic superimposition theory of Wilhelm Reich, who argued that the cosmic ether had been "prematurely discarded". He didn't know about the abundant evidence for ether already obtained by top scientists in his own time, but which I gathered in this book. "There is no vacuum" Reich declared with great intuition and experimental proofs, and he was correct on that point, as well as in his discovery that the cosmic orgone energy, which he called the ether, was biologically active, playing a critical role in the formation and sustenance of life.

The ether-orgone is also reactive to water, as my own spectrographic research has shown. And I identified no less than 17 different independent scientific discoveries of cosmic sidereal vectors in space that closely align with the interferometer-determined cosmic motions of Earth in space.  This is all laid out in graphs, charts, tables and figures, to make it comprehendible to the average person, with minimal maths. 

I don't wish to give away all the content of this 389-page, richly illustrated book, and so invite you to buy a copy for your own educational reading, and also to purchase a copy for any student or open-minded person who holds interests in the sciences. It is a great gift for the holidays.  We can ship this book, and my other titles, directly in the USA and internationally by our network of distributors.  Easy payment by PayPal, with any credit card (you don't have to sign up with them). Come see the offerings at Natural Energy Works.

James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA

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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
- George Orwell


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The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space:
Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science
by James DeMeo, PhD
The cosmic ether was repeatedly detected, in older historical experiments and in modern determinations. Earth's spiral motions are determined and modern astrophysical theory is challenged. Cosmic Ether and Cosmic Life-Energy are Compatible Discoveries. http://www.naturalenergyworks.net

The Orgone Accumulator Handbook: Wilhelm Reich's Life-Energy Discoveries and Healing Tools for the 21st Century, https://obrlnews.wordpress.com/2019/12/01/please-support-orgonomic-science-research-at-the-demeo-laboratory-december-2019-orgone-biophysical-research-lab-obrl/with Construction Plans, by James DeMeo, PhD
Also available in German, Greek, Italian and Spanish translations.
The authentic Wilhelm Reich orgone accumulator, how to build and use it, with cautions, benefits proven by clinical reports from working physicians and two double-blind university studies. No pyramids, No BS. Learn why they banned and burned his books!

Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence, In the Deserts of the Old World, by James DeMeo, PhD
The largest ever global cross-cultural study on ancient climate change towards harsh deserts, and the origins of human violence and war. 465 pages with over 100 maps, tables and graphics, over 1000 citations to mainstream scientific/historical sources, and full Index. Special Sale Price from our on-line store (USA Only).
Also note, we have an abridged summary version of the English Saharasia book, entitled Saharasia: The Origins of Human Violence, at around 90 pages, in both the Greek and Italian languages, for non-English speakers. See the above weblink.

Heretic's Notebook: Emotions, Protocells, Ether-Drift and Cosmic Life-Energy, with New Research Supporting Wilhelm Reich, edited by James DeMeo, PhD
A collection of research papers on orgonomic science,
history and related subjects.

Marx Engels Lenin Trotsky: Genocide Quotes. The Hidden History of Communism's Founding Tyrants, in their Own Words, by James DeMeo, PhD
For those who think socialism and communism
might be something decent or "cool".

On Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy: Reich in Denmark, Atomic Accidents, Bomb Tests & Weather, Cloudbusting in Israel & Namibia, Summerhill School ... Report on FDA Burning of Reich's Books, edited by James DeMeo, PhD
A collection of research papers and essays.

Natural Love, and the Unnatural Attacks Against It,
by Emanuel di Pasquale
Four essays in defense of love.

Wilhelm Reich and the Cold War: The True Story of How a Communist Spy Team, Government Hoodlums and Sick Psychiatrists Destroyed Sexual Science and Cosmic Life Energy Discoveries, by James Edward Martin
The title says it all. Important for those who wrongly believe that Reich was destroyed by a right-wing conspiracy. It was the Left.
A special half-price offer is made, when purchased with In Defense of Wilhelm Reich by J. DeMeo. See the weblink above.

In Defense of Wilhelm Reich: Opposing the 80-year's War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander Against One of the 20th Century's Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists,
by James DeMeo, PhD
Reich's personal history and scientific discovery are overviewed, with rebuttals to the many new slanders in more recent years.
A special half-price offer is made, when purchased with Wilhelm Reich and the Cold War by J. Martin. See the weblink above.

Preliminary Analysis of Changes in Kansas Weather Coincidental to Experimental Operations with a Reich Cloudbuster, by James DeMeo, PhD
The original 1979 study undertaken at the University of Kansas, Geography-Meteorology Dept, with confirming evidence.

Wilhelm Reich and the Healing of Atmospheres: Modern Techniques for the Abatement of Desertification,
An overview of Reich's discovery, and replication studies.
by Roberto Maglione, MS

Also of interest, available at the Natural Energy Works website:

The Experimental Life Energy Meter, LM4

TF2 and Cornet Electromagnetic/Electrosmog Meters
Powerline 50/60 HZ, ELF Microwave RF Meter, DC to 6/8 GHZ

The Martin Wasserwirbler, or Water Whirler,
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Photoelectric Smoke Detectors, no radioactive materials

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